Monday, March 30, 2009

amber rose.

for those of you who haven't seen kanye west recently, amber rose may seem like a slightly weird, odd publicity stunt of the (self-proclaimed) voice of this generation. however, even those of us who do follow mr. west (his caps-filled blogs, mac book air paparazzi assaulting, announcing his retirement from music to conquer the fashion world etc etc etc) amber rose remains a mystery. with no real credits to her name (alias?) and the always ambiguous "model" title, amber rose seems like literal arm candy to kanye. but upon further inspection, amber possesses wicked style. futuristic robot-esque, taking the fantastical route of rihanna's avant-garde futuristic look (rihanna's futurism almost goes gothic), i for one am loving amber rose's goggle shades, technicolor leggings, and gutsy bald head.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

vosges haute chocolat.

peace, love, and chocolate, indeed. vosges haute chocolat, with locations in chicago, nyc, and las vegas, is the chocolate world's answer to clothing boutiques. vosges offers exotic flavors, such as chili peppers, wasabi and ginger, and the famed (or infamous?) bacon. the flavors are subtle, more of an after-taste and curious "what was that?". less fear factor, more delicate. the chocolate itself is smooth and luxurious, and vosges' appropriately named stores, boutiques, are mod and charming.


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Friday, March 27, 2009

the huntington library, art collections, and botanical gardens.

the huntington library, art collections, and botanical gardens. the triple threat of the los angeles museums. once known only for its stuffiness and retired-folks vibe, the huntington has reshaped itself into including contemporary and asian art, including a newly opened chinese garden and pond.

no longer just for couples in tweed, the huntington in san marino california is nostalgic and romantic. for art buffs, the american art collection is impressive (gainsborough, hopper...). pieces in the art collection include not only paintings, but furniture and silverware, for the rococo art decorator inside all of us. feel as if youre in another time, another place, where decadence, pursuit of beauty and intelligence rule, and get a glimpse into the "haves" (vs the have nots) of the stratified early 18th century society.


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Thursday, March 26, 2009

boot sandals.

fall 09 runway
alexander wang

l: maison martin margiela
r: zero + maria cornejo

call it strange act of modesty, but designers are exhibiting coverage. albeit, foot coverage with shrinking minis, but boot sandal hybrids are seemingly a recent trend. flashes of skin, either the toes and heels, or the oh-so-modest arch of the foot, boot sandals are geometric with design in mind.

unexpected, definitely not strappy, a departure from season's-past booties, boot sandals offer surprising new forms of footwear.


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strawberry milk.

"strawberry" + "milk"= strawberry milk. delightfully artificial, wonderfully pink, pepto-bismol-esque.

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hardware jewelry



from celebrity super-duo and fashion icons mary-kate and ashley olsen comes elizabeth and james, their expectantly tres hip line. reflecting mk & a's always chic, always effortless look, elizabeth and james will surely start trends, much like their mother minds. hardware jewelry is an aesthetic favored by the fab sisters, and they graciously bring their tastes to adoring and eager consumers.

fashion editorial favorite alexis bittar offers dramatic and statement-making jewelry. instant cool comes from just one of his pieces, but don't overwhelm when wearing multiple. here, alexis bittar's answer to the trend of hardware jewelry with organic and natural forms. twig-like, coral-like, almost takes the "hard" out of hardware. but then again, it's difficult to forget that material trumps trompe l'oeil flexibility.


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