Monday, March 30, 2009

amber rose.

for those of you who haven't seen kanye west recently, amber rose may seem like a slightly weird, odd publicity stunt of the (self-proclaimed) voice of this generation. however, even those of us who do follow mr. west (his caps-filled blogs, mac book air paparazzi assaulting, announcing his retirement from music to conquer the fashion world etc etc etc) amber rose remains a mystery. with no real credits to her name (alias?) and the always ambiguous "model" title, amber rose seems like literal arm candy to kanye. but upon further inspection, amber possesses wicked style. futuristic robot-esque, taking the fantastical route of rihanna's avant-garde futuristic look (rihanna's futurism almost goes gothic), i for one am loving amber rose's goggle shades, technicolor leggings, and gutsy bald head.

+, thoughts?

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