Friday, April 3, 2009

muji basics.

basics are great. no need to stress about wavering trends or flattering/unflattering prints. problem is these days, especially with american apparel's seemingly breakneck growth expansion (a new one seems to pop up everywhere i turn a la starbucks circa 2003) i, for one have problems with wearing my salt and pepper zip up hoody and seeing a good twelve other people, male and female, sporting the same article of clothing. so whats a person with an affinity for minimalism and no-nonsense dressing to do? find other basics. my favorites of the moment come from the japanese retailer, muji. with stores all over the world, muji in the states are only in new york city. tough for someone in los angeles, but i happen to adore the concept of online shopping and shipping. unisex chic, muji also carries home goods, furniture, and other knick knacks. wonderfully simple, not over thought, muji is the worldy and thinking person's basics.

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  1. so true! there are SO many am apps everywhere