Monday, July 20, 2009

the sartorialist book by scott schuman.

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the sartorialist, heralded as one of the top 100 design influences by time magazine (and rightfully so!) takes the simple concept of streetwear into a fashion blog filled with nostaligia, carpe-diem culture, and functionality. on august 12th, the sartorialist book by the sartorialist himself scott schuman will be released.

one of my favorite destinations on the web, the sartorialist is forever chic, trendy but original, and features apparel from all walks of life. the book is to be looked forward to, from the man who may have put street fashion into (high-fashion) relevence.

+, thoughts?


  1. + + + +! THE fashion book release of the YEAR.

  2. i love the sartorialist, the book will be great.

  3. Can't wait for The Sartorialist book.