Thursday, July 23, 2009

ysl tribute platform heel.

+, thoughts?


  1. brand new ysl heels from the pre-fall season! available at madison boutique los angeles (don't worry, they have a website:

    more refined then the strong shoes of seasons past (ie chloe's strappy heels, michael kors etc), this t-strap style shoe is comfortable as well as striking. BIG ++++++.

  2. +

    This shoe is beautiful!

  3. Perfect for my little feet! :)


    Looks like J.Lo might be wearing them...

  5. pair with a simpler silhouette, like a shift dress, in muted colors. this shoe would be amazing with a beige, white, off-white, mauve, or taupe (and other mute colors) dress! think calvin klein or simple chloe. a lanvin or a rodarte would be too busy with this stronger, almost statement making, shoe.

    because of it's t-strap, this shoe would almost be wasted on pants. dress, people.

  6. good find jessica! uh oh, my previous comment contradicts with j.lo's choice of choosing to wear these heels with pants...i still think they work better with dresses.

  7. ;) thanks!

    i concur, in a general sense, but i still think that there's something very alluring about a woman who sits down, raising her pant leg slightly, revealing them underneath. it's like the essence of lingerie, but with a fabulous shoe...